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Site Inspections

Site Inspections

siteinspectionsH&S Consultants (UK) Ltd Site Safety Inspection Service helps ensure the latest health and safety regulations are adhered to, by setting and maintaining consistently high standards on building sites. Monitoring compliance and proactively engaging with site personnel to influence a positive health and safety culture.

Our consultants offer solutions based approach and come from a construction background, bringing a wealth of practical and technical construction Industry experience to your business.

Our site safety inspection service enables Clients and Contractors to monitor their sites for health and safety performance.

A site inspection begins with a review of the projects planning & works co-ordination strategy, & statutory documentation followed by a physical evaluation of current site activities. Inspections are undertaken with the site manager or other authorised persons. Our consultants use an ‘arm around the shoulder’ approach rather than simply conducting a policing exercise.

Each observation is recorded and allocated a priority rating depending on the severity of the problem. Observations are discussed with the site manager and timescales allocated to resolve the problem areas. The site manager is then able to prioritise issues and deal with the most urgent matters first. On completion, a detailed report will be developed and submitted outlining the shortfalls in compliance with current legislation and the recommendations for corrective action.

A site inspection report is sent to the Client within 2 working days of the inspection having been carried out.

The frequency of inspections is entirely to suit your business, and we can provide an inspection schedule in line with your needs.

The fee will be dependent on the size of the project and the level of risk.

Our Site Safety Inspection Service can be carried out in conjunction with our other health and safety services. For example, clients frequently request this service in tandem with our CDM Advisor service in order to utilise an external party to document safety standards on site rather than rely on the Principal Contractors own internal reports.

This assists the Client by assuring them that safety standards on site are sufficient and can also be useful for Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Feeding safety data into KPI’s assists the Client upon review of Contractors and can prove invaluable when used to justify Contractor selection without going through the tendering process.

We have an internal site safety inspection form but are more than happy to tailor the service to suit the needs of Clients and Contractors in order to ensure you are getting the information you need, when you need it.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements further. Tel 0844 4152520 or 07880 369928.