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Construction Phase H&S Plan Development

constructionphaseA Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan (CPHSP) is the most important strategic management tool in safeguarding health and safety on site during a construction project.

To be effective the plan must be developed as construction work proceeds but is a strict requirement prior to starting work on site under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The project shouldn’t legally start without one.

H&S Consultants (UK) Ltd.’s CPHSP is designed to assist the Principal Contractor in the day-to-day management of all health and safety issues throughout the construction process, to include the development of safety critical plans such as logistics plans, lifting operation plans, fire and emergency plans etc.

As part of the health and safety site inspection service H&S Consultants offer, we can advise you on the continuing development of your construction phase plan and advise on its upkeep.

Our plan is simple, focused and easy to understand, cutting out unnecessary paperwork for paperwork’s sake. Each section contains clear, concise guidance on to how to manage health and safety on site and it is clear where to focus energy.

By compiling and controlling site health and safety information in a single, readily accessible source, the plan makes it easier for you to ensure your site is a much safer place to work for your employees and others.

H&S Consultants have ample experience in the compilation of Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans and know what is required to make you compliant.

The complexity of the Construction Phase Plan is based upon the complexity of the project and costs vary accordingly subject to requirement.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your requirements. Tel 0844 4152520 or 07880 369928