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chasH&S Consultants (UK) Ltd can assist you with your CHAS application. Experience has shown that business managers appreciate the benefits and potential of CHAS accreditation, but don’t always have the time to coordinate the necessary evidence to pass the assessment. We will take up this task for you and save you hours of time in putting together your application.

H&S Consultants (UK) Ltd have helped many companies throughout the UK achieve CHAS registration. So, if you:

  • Want professional assistance with your CHAS Accreditation
  • Need to complete a CHAS application to get on a tender list
  • Require the correct documentation required for a CHAS assessment
  • Need to be CHAS Accredited to work with your local authority
  • Have possibly already failed your CHAS assessment?
  • Or just require a little help with your CHAS application.

Call our CHAS Advisor now on 07748 242120 or email us at and we will take care of this important matter for you.